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International Health Insurance
Managed Care Azerbaijan means stability, reliability and superb quality
MCA is a medical assistance company with a focus on international voluntary health insurance, critical illness treatment insurance, second opinion and navigation. MCA also develops specialized medical center projects and provides advice on advancing healthcare processes. Our Azerbaijan-based branch was opened in 2023 to become one of the first Managed Care international ambassadors in Azerbaijan.

Our Services
  • Critical Illness Treatment
    Arrangements and payment for treatment in the best medical centers worldwide.
  • Second Medical Opinion
    An opportunity to get an independent expert medical opinion regarding your diagnosis, medical indications, treatment plan and earlier recommendations that need to be further explicated.
  • Check-Up
    A comprehensive medical examination that will assess your health status.
  • Multidisciplinary Projects
    Development of multidisciplinary projects in healthcare and medical management.
  • Managed Care
    An approach to arranging for and providing healthcare with insurance companies or other providers involved in medical case management and in quality / related cost control. It implies coordination and integration of multiple healthcare services with the active involvement of patients themselves.
  • Advantages of Health Insurance
    Paying Off Medical Bills
    Health insurance covers costs of medical services, such as visits to a doctor, tests, procedures, medicines and hospitalization.
    Coverage Against Unforeseen Expenses
    Insurance provides coverage against unexpected medical expenses.
    Higher Availability of Medical Services
    If you buy insurance, you will have access to a broad range of medical centers.
    Quality Control
    The insurance company exercises medical service quality control.

For Partners

MANAGED CARE AZERBAIJAN unites experts of healthcare and insurance markets, enabling implementation of win-win beneficial projects that contribute to the growth of the healthcare sector

  • 1 - Insurance companies
    We are a service center for top insurance companies in the CIS countries. We provide services for arranging healthcare for the insured, whether it is the treatment of a critical illness, check-up or treatment under a VHI scheme. We guarantee medical and financial audit of medical bills, we pay for expenses and offer administrative support for the insured in case of an insured event.
  • 2 - Healthcare providers
    MCA clients get access to healthcare providers around the globe. Partnership with MCA is mutually beneficial cooperation that makes it possible for a healthcare provider to increase patient flows and boost its conversions.
Madanes Group was established by current Chairman Mr. Shuki Madanes 51 years ago.
Managed Care Azerbaijan is an exclusive partner of Madanes Group
  • 85,000
    insured events per year
  • 51
    years of expertise
  • 900
  • 1 500 000
International Health Insurance

Cancer, any surgery, rehabilitation, transplantation and palliative care

Employees and relatives
Coverage territory: Worldwide
Sum insured $100,000 up to $10,000,000, flexible payment schemes
Personalized services and support
Flight and accommodation
Check-up and second opinion
Psychological support
Before contacting Managed Care: doctors recommended laparoscopic surgery that would cause loss of nerve sensitivity and erectile dysfunction.
After contacting Managed Care: face-to-face consultations at 3 medical centers, further Da Vinci robot-assisted surgery, which made it possible to maintain nerve sensitivity and keep the organ functional. The insurance scheme covered the cost of the robotic surgery, which was 3 times more expensive than recommended laparoscopy.

A male
Prostate cancer
Before contacting Managed Care: doctors in the country of location recommended bone marrow transplantation.
After contacting Managed Care: within one month, we arranged treatment related to bone marrow transplantation at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch, Germany, including transplantation, donor selection and activation. The patient was taking the treatment within 1.5 years, without leaving the clinic. The insurance scheme covered all treatment expenses.

A female
Second opinion:
A second opinion is an opportunity to receive an independent expert opinion (an alternative opinion) regarding your diagnosis, medical indications, treatment plan and earlier recommendations that need to be further explicated.
After the client contacts Managed Care Azerbaijan, he/she will have a dedicated manager who will be responsible for further organizational support
Based on the clinical picture and with due regard to the client’s wishes, the dedicated manager will select the most skilled doctor, depending on the medical issue
Within 14 days after receiving the full document pack, the original doctor’s opinion and its translation will be sent to the client; feedback is required
Supported diagnoses:
benign and malignant neoplasms
cardiovascular diseases
diseases and injuries of the central nervous system
musculoskeletal injuries and diseases
kidney diseases
Before contacting Managed Care: diagnosed pancreatic cancer.
After contacting Managed Care: when the medical records were reviewed, the diagnosis was found to be erroneous as a feature of the organ structure was thought to be the tumor.
A female
Pancreatic cancer
Why Us
  • Vast Background and Expertise
    > 10 years of professional expertise in all health insurance aspects, such as underwriting, insurance risks, cost containment, etc.
  • 24/7 Support
    The ability to quickly address any issue in arranging healthcare in Azerbaijan and anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Clinic Network Around the Globe
    A wide network of clinics around the globe in addition to direct access service providers in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Israel, South Korea and European countries.
  • Best Experts
    The best medical specialists, health insurance professionals, lawyers and service offices are there for you.
MCA Team
MCA unites a team of professionals
Elena Solopova
CEO of Managed Care Group
- Russian State University for the Humanities, 2009.
- The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010.

- Brandeis Collegiate Institute.
- The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
- GenRe Management & Leadership Program.

- Joined the company in 2010 as a vice managing partner, then became Director General and junior partner of Managedcare Russia.
- 2014-present, CEO of international medical insurance provider Madanes Russia and CIS.
- Worked as Deputy Operations Director at AvtoZP Rus LLC
- > 10 years of experience in insurance.
Tural Islamov Gabil oglu
Executive Director of Managed Care Azerbaijan
2005, Bachelor’s Degree from Baku State University.
2007, Masters’s Degree from Baku State University.
2010, PhD from Baku State University.

Work Experience:
2006-2011, professor at the Faculty of History, Baku State University.
2015-2020, senior manager in the private sector.
2020-2023, founder and CEO of EDEN LLC.

Geographical Footprint
  • Azerbaijan
    South Korea

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